Watch: Tense Khan vs Vargas Face Off

The second last Khan vs Vargas face off came a short time ago in the UK as the two welterweights get ready to throw down on Saturday night.

The tone between the boxers was respectful overall this afternoon.

Although their trainers did have a bit of debate at one point.

Vargas’ trainer asked Khan’s coach Joe Goosen how he trains a fighter to come back from knockout defeats such as the ones Khan has suffered in his career.

Goosen countered with pointing to stoppage losses on Vegas’ record, while Vargas’ team then pointed to their man only ever getting stopped on his feet and not put out cold like Khan.

That’s the thing that makes Khan fights so fascinating.

People know he’s vulnerable to a big punch but that doesn’t stop him still going to war when he wants to. He’s a pure fighter at heart through and through.

His fights are usually quick, exciting affairs and this weekend should be no different. He appeared focus and grounded today with his mind firmly focused on the job at hand.

The folks at Fight Hub YouTube (hat tip) have captured the second last Khan vs Vargas face off that took place moments ago in the UK:

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