Canelo Alvarez’ coach has gotten colorful in his choice of language pertaining to what he thinks of Gennady Golovkin’s boxing skills.

Golovkin’s coach Abel Sanchez fired back at Canelo’s head coach questioning his credentials.

Golovkin himself however would not stoop to engaging in that level of conversation:

“What I want to say is I don’t want to go so low at the level of statements like that. It just shows a lack of class. It shows low-class. It just shows a lack of upbringing, lack of intelligence. It just shows, again, how they behave themselves. I’m never able to say anything so low about anybody. So I just don’t want to comment about this anymore.”

You get the feeling that Golovkin is more than p***** off at this point.

Could it be a deliberate tactic from Canelo and his team to try to wind him up as much as possible?

Quite possibly.

Think about it, they know knocking Golovkin out is highly unlikely and that out boxing him over the duration as probably the best route of strategy.

Particularly after doing well on the back foot in some of the early rounds in the first fight.

All that being said, is Golovkin, one of the hardest punchers pound for pound in the sport’s history, the type of guy you want to light that kind of fire underneath?

Time will tell.

What a fight we have in store September 15th.