Golovkin Has A Chilling Warning For Canelo Ahead Of Their Rematch

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin appears to be going full Terminator mode. No emotion, no feeling, limited talking, just an icy, steely determination ahead of the vicious task that lays ahead.

Golovkin has come across as somewhat of a nice guy in his professional boxing career.

Outside the ring that is.

All that counts of course is what happens when he steps between the ropes, but, for the first time in his pro career, he really seems to genuinely dislike his opponent.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and this seems to be the tact Golovkin is employing the closer the fight gets to September 15th.

Speaking on HBO 24/7, Golovkin told Canelo:

“He’s not man enough to look me in the eyes. Everything connected to this story has been dirty. I’d like to clean it up.”

Fighting words indeed.

Canelo has looked much lighter this time round for the rematch than his bulkier appearance for the first fight.

This could transpire into a classic case of hunter vs hunted, puncher vs boxer, if Canelo chooses to get on his bike and box for a decision.

Somehow though, even if he does, one gets the sense that at some point both men will have no choice but to stand and fight.