Golovkin Coach Reacts To Canelo’s Coach Calling GGG A Donkey

The war of words has extended to those outside of the two fighters on September 15th ahead of what’s now become a real grudge rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

Promoters have taken shots at one another, as of the fighters.

Now it’s the time of the trainers to get involved it seems.

During the recent airing of HBO’s 24 / 7 series, Canelo Alvarez’ head coach was quoted as calling Golovkin a ‘donkey’ in that their coaching team believe ‘GGG’ can only fight one way and possesses limited boxing skills.

Trainer of Gennady Golovkin, Abel Sanchez, responded to the comment on a media phone call saying:

“Chepo Reynoso has never had an Olympian. Chepo Reynoso has never had a Silver Medalist. Chepo Reynoso has never had 18 world champions like I have had. Chepo Reynoso talks from Canelo. So when he gets to that level, maybe he can speak in an intelligent manner. But if you look at Gennady’s record, he’s beaten a lot of the champions during his reign; a lot of champions that are champions now he beat in the amateurs. So to hear somebody talk like that is ridiculous.”

Golovkin’s boxing skills have never really been in question to be fair.

It just seems like the last few years he’s opted to rely on his power more and more, but he has more strings to his bow for those who have followed him throughout his professional tenure will know.

His ability to cut off the ring, close distance, use the jab effectively and more make him a formidable boxer when he wants to be.

But, when you’ve got that freakish power that he has, who needs boxing sometimes when you can just blast a guy clean out.

That said, he’ll need to be more subtle in his approach this time around on the 15th of September.

Don’t be surprised if you see more work to the body from Golovkin.

Particularly if he gets Canelo up against the ropes.

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