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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury appears to be as excited as every other boxing fan about September 15th’s mouth-watering, carnage promising rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

The two apex middleweight predators in world boxing collide again at the T-Mobile Arena in a fight that has gripped the boxing community.

Speaking to BT Sport, Tyson Fury said of the bout:

“Here’s my prediction on Canelo against GGG. I think the only winner here is the fans. The fans are in for a real treat. We’re the winners as boxing fans. Who wins the fight? Whoever wants to win it most, but I really know that the fans are going to win because you’re getting two great champions going El Mano v El Mano. They’re going to smash each other to bits. The fans are the winners bar none. Hope it’s a great fight!”

He’s pretty spot on with that summation to be fair.

The fight is just around the corner now with fight week build-up expected next Tuesday from Las Vegas when both boxers will make their grand arrivals at the T-Mobile in Sin City.

As for Fury, expect to see him out there potentially on fight week too.

It has been reported  that he and Deontay Wilder could announce their fight for December live from Las Vegas next week.

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