Keith Thurman Gives His View On Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman Gives His View On Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter

‘One Time’ has been rather inactive in recent times but between getting married and recovering from injury, he’s been a busy man outside the ring this year.

But next year he knows he needs to get back into the mix.

Sitting out for 2018 must be extremely frustrating for any top professional boxer at the moment, given the sheer buzz in the sport and the amount of opportunity out there at the moment.

Thurman is part of the Premier Boxing Champions crew who’s latest installment rolls into New York this weekend for the WBC welterweight title fight between Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter.

Thurman could possibly fight the winner (or loser) at some point next year and weighted in on the fight with the following summation:

“I honestly love this fight, and I consider it a tremendous battle and one of the best matchups of the year. For me, having fought both of them, I do believe that each is capable of hurting the other and getting one another out of there. I know most fans are going to lean toward Danny Garcia with his knockout power and the potential for that. Then there is Shawn, who’s got a decent punch, even though he focuses on his output more than his one-punch solid blow and has it in his arsenal to hurt Danny Garcia. I wouldn’t bet on Shawn getting the knockout, but I would on Shawn getting the victory, simply because of his output. I think Danny’s only chance of winning is by knockout, but even as a gambling man, I can’t put my money on Danny getting it. I’m taking Shawn Porter by decision.”

The fight this weekend will be live on Showtime.