Kazakstan Army Come Out In Support Of Gennady Golovkin

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Amid reports from Canelo promoter Oscar De La Hoya questioning Golovkin’s support of his own country, the truth has been revealed that in fact that notion couldn’t be further from the truth by this display from his country’s army.

Golovkin is clearly fond of hisĀ Kazakstan roots and although he now fights under the bright lights of Las Vegas again on the 15th, his rough upbringing back home is never too far from his memory.

His street fighting to survive was a very real thing.

Come September 15th with Canelo Alvarez, expect another street fight – this time in the ring.

EditinKing on Twitter (hat tip) pointed out this photo from theĀ Kazakstan army where they made a formation in the shape of his nickname ‘GGG’:


Pretty cool.

The fight is now less than two weeks away with both fighters most likely finishing their last bit of sparring and heavy training this week, with a view to next week being for the purposes of making weight and focusing on final tactical plans.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly for both fighters this week injury free.

Roll on next week’s big fight week, the countdown to September 15th is well and truly on.