Amir Khan On What Happened When He Met Conor McGregor

When two world combat sports stars meet you might think there could be a lot of ego between the two. Not the case between Amir Khan and Conor McGregor however.

Khan’s boxing career in many ways has been very different to McGregor’s MMA career in the UFC.

Khan got off to huge start in his pro career at a young age when he hit the heights of fame as a teenager after a stunning display in the Olympics before turning pro.

Whereas McGregor spent years upon years toiling on small MMA shows in Ireland before making it big in America with the UFC.

Shooting to stardom in his mid to late twenties.

The two men share one thing in common for sure however, respect.

Speaking to London Real, Khan revealed what a humble person McGregor really was when he met him for the first time:

“So when I met him in Ireland just recently, I mean, he came over and gave me a hug. Lovely guy. Do you know when you go up to someone, I mean, he is a super star. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the biggest names in sports, when I walked over to him I said hi Conor how are you doing, he said, ah Amir how are you doing are you keeping well?! Then he walked away from his entourage and he took me aside and we had a little conversation. He said to me, I remember you from the Olympic games.”

Good to see mutual respect between two top fighters from both the boxing and mixed martial arts worlds.

Khan returns to action this weekend in Birmingham, UK when he takes on Samuel Vargas.