Eddie Hearn Reaffirms His Desire To Get Pacquiao On DAZN

Eddie Hearn Reaffirms His Desire To Get Pacquiao On DAZN

Promoter Eddie Hearn is in the middle of signing some more names for new US streaming platform DAZN and potentially the biggest name outside of Anthony Joshua, Manny Pacquiao, could be the platform’s next fighter.

There is no denying that DAZN are making some serious moves at the moment.

Announcing soccer player Christiano Ronaldo as their global ambassador and securing the World Boxing Super Series, as well as Bellator content for MMA fans, they are definitely being aggressive.

Competition among broadcasters and platforms in US professional sports has perhaps never been so fierce as it is now.

Ultimately, fans can only win out of that.

Speaking to Sporting News, Eddie Hearn reaffirmed his desire to sign Manny Pacquiao to the platform:

“Pacquiao’s guys flew into Boston to meet me to discuss both of those guys actually (Amir Khan and Kell Brook) and just fighting in general. Obviously we know what we’re doing with DAZN. A lot of guys are coming on asking to look at opportunities to be on our platform at the moment. Manny Pacquiao is a guy that we’d love to get on for sure. I think Pacquiao vs Khan has got potential. Pacquiao vs Brook has got potential as well. Brook vs Khan has got potential as well, so it’s an interesting triangle between those three guys.”

Interesting times indeed.

All three represent compelling fights in different ways. Hopefully one will be announced soon.

Khan must first get past Samuel Vargas next month in the UK for his part however.