Mayweather Responds To McGregor Declining His Invite

It has been widely reported that Conor McGregor turned down an invite from Floyd Mayweather to train at his gym in Las Vegas ahead of his latest UFC fight.

McGregor will fight Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov on the 7th of October at the T-Mobile Arena.

The same venue his last fight took place and his only fight to date in boxing against Floyd Mayweather over a year ago.

Upon declining an invite to train at Mayweather’s gym in the lead up to the fight, Mcgregor posted this on his social media channels:

The fight ended in a TKO win for Mayweather on the night.

Although McGregor surprised many in the early rounds with his ability and winning some of the early rounds overall.

Mayweather has re-ignited his social media war or words with McGregor in reply to the above:

As of this time Floyd Mayweather is officially retired from boxing, so don’t expect a rematch between the two anytime soon.