Golovkin Unleashes Verbal Onslaught On Canelo Ahead Of Rematch

Golovkin Unleashes Verbal Onslaught On Canelo Ahead Of Rematch

Gennady Golovkin whom usually exhibits a united front at all times, is softly spoken and leaves his fists do the talking in the ring, has changed that approach somewhat ahead of next month’s super fight with Canelo Alvarez.

September 15th in Las Vegas will see a rematch of epic proportions in the middleweight division between the consensus two best fighters in the world at 160lbs.

A lot has happened since their first fight and speaking at a media event this past weekend, Golovkin was quick to not let people forget:

“Canelo, he is not a champion. He is a liar who has no respect for the sport of boxing or its fans. I want to stay world champion and bring all my belts home. I am ready to star in another Big Drama Show. I do not think about Canelo in training. I am not worried about him. I only worry about doing my job in training camp and doing my job in the ring against Canelo on September 15. In the last fight I did not feel any real power from Canelo. Just slaps. He is not the hardest puncher I have fought, but he is fast and quick. He is the most skilled fighter I have fought. He is a very good fighter.  

I am happy to get at Canelo again. It is another big chance to beat him again. Of course I want to knock out Canelo. It would be nice if Canelo came to fight this time. I don’t believe what he says about how he will fight me this time. He said the same thing before our first fight. I will definitely be more aggressive in this fight. 

Was I upset that Canelo failed two drug tests? Yes. But I was more upset at Canelo’s team. The excuses they gave, their attitude, and Canelo’s reaction, it showed that they have no respect for the sport or the fans. They showed their real faces. They are fakes. I do not feel anger toward him because the rematch was canceled the first time.  

But I did lose all respect for him. Canelo is not the biggest name in boxing, just the biggest scandal. I feel very comfortable. It has been a great training camp. Abel has had me working on new things which I find very exciting. The cancellation of the rematch in May was a good life experience but it was not a good experience for boxing. I believe new judges and a new referee could be better for boxing and the fans.”

Some stinging words there from ‘GGG’.

Not long now until September 15th and both men will be finally able to settle their differences.

Once and for all.