KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube Pay-Per-View Gets Hijacked

The rather bizarre KSI vs Logan Paul white-collar fight in Manchester last night ended in a draw and people more annoyed than entertained.

It was billed as the ‘biggest event on the internet’ ever but ultimately didn’t live up to anything close to that.

To their credit they sold over 15,000 tickets at the Manchester Arena, but when it came to trying to sell the pay per view on YouTube for seven pounds and fifty pence in the UK and ten dollars in the US, things ran into trouble.

It has been widely reported by Tech Crunch that the event was mostly watched by people on a pirated platform called ‘Twitch’.

Over one million people reportedly watched the fight on the pirated service.

Other illegal streams on Periscope and YouTube were also have reported to have been used by users for the fight.

What this perhaps goes to show more than anything, even in 2018, is that the arms race between rights holders and illegal pirate streaming platforms continues and looks to have no end in sight.

This war in truth has been going on for well over a decade now, with the illegal streaming platforms always seeming to get the upper hand.

Younger people today just don’t seem to want to buy pay per views anymore.

Certainly not for a carnival like KSI vs Logan Paul anyway.