WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder is in town this weekend for the big Fury and Frampton Belfast boxing bill and has got people talking since his arrival.

From gate crashing the weigh-in yesterday, to been involved in a bizarre chicken throwing incident in Nandos last night with Billy Joe Saunders, Wilder has made plenty of headlines so far on his travels from America.

He’ll be commentating on tonight’s fight in Belfast and is expected to get into the ring with Tyson Fury following his bout with Francesco Pianeta.

Ever the one to make the headlines, perhaps the two most notable comments from Wilder in 2018 emanate from his mentioning he wants a body on his record and wanting to cripple another fighter in front of his son.

Certainly extreme sentiments and remarks, but perhaps stuff that has been said before in boxing when you think back to Mike Tyson’s famous ‘I want to eat his children’ remarks about Lennox Lewis’ kids.

Yes, boxing attracts some of the craziest statements perhaps of any sport in truth.

Speaking to Radio Rahim of Seconds Out YouTube, Wilder spoke on the infamous remarks: