Tyson Fury Shows Off Lean New Look Ahead Of 2nd Comeback Fight

Tyson Fury has been looking very trim from his public workout footage this week ahead of his second comeback fight this weekend against Francesco Pianeta.

Clearly Fury has been training very, very hard and looks to have got his strength and conditioning and diet spot on with the help of coach Ben Davison.

Pianeta might not be a household name but for those who know him in boxing, he represents a significant step up from Fury’s initial comeback opponent Sefer Seferi.

Fury judging by these looks to have given him the appropriate respect in his training camp:


The following from Seconds Out YouTube (hat tip) shows the old Fury speed looks to be coming back, too:

Fury has in total lost a remarkable 8 stone and has got down from 27 stone to 19 stone over the last 9 months or so of training.

An incredible feat for anyone, let alone a boxer trying to rekindle former glory from a few years ago.

Fury has been very public this week about that Fury being now dead and gone and a new version of himself emerging on Saturday night in Belfast.