Canelo On How Hard Golovkin Hits

Canelo On How Hard Golovkin Hits

Canelo Alvarez like his counterpart Gennady Golovkin are on the home stretch in terms of preparation ahead of September 22nd with both boxers training like lunatics at the moment.

Media has been done separately to keep both men away from one another in the build-up.

Such is their disdain for one another.

An international media phone call was held this week for Canelo where he was asked at one point how he rated the Golovkin power after their first fight.

To which he responded:

“Obviously, he’s a very strong fighter. He has a very strong hit in his punches. That’s his biggest virtue as a fighter, that he has that power, but obviously, I’ve fought other strong fighters as well. And despite him being a 160-pounder with respectable power, it’s nothing out of this world. I showed him the first fight that I can take his punches, and simply that, he’s a respectable puncher with respectable power, but nothing out of this world.”

Canelo hits quite hard himself and it will be interesting to see if he chooses to stand toe to toe with Golovkin and engage more second time round.

There is a school of thought out there that suggests Canelo and his team might think Golovkin is slipping and that they are catching him at the right time a year on from the first fight.

Time will tell on that one.