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Gennady Golovkin is training ferociously at the moment ahead of next month’s September 15th rematch with Canelo Alvarez and had an ominous message for his Mexican rival this weekend.

If you look at Golovkin’s career its a highlight reel of some brutal knockouts coupled with overwhelming displays of power and an uncanny ability to pretty much walk through anything that’s come back at him.

An iron chin and an iron fist has seen him climb to the top of the middleweight division and in the eyes of some, the top of the mythical pound for pound list.

But he’s not content with how his first fight with Canelo went. For obvious reasons.

He’s actually gone on record now in letting Canelo know that he’s training for a knockout. A quick one too.

Speaking at a press conference alongside his promoter, coach and translator, Golovkin said:

“You know we have two different styles of boxing. He probably thinks what is style of boxing is called boxing. I have a completely different style of boxing and what I believe and hope in this up coming fight in terms of this style of boxing, is that it will allow us to finish this fight early.”

That’s a fairly scary thought that Golovkin is training for an early knockout.

What a fight we have in store next month.

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