BJ Flores Stopped In 4 By Bryan To Create Another Farcical WBA ‘Heavyweight Title’

BJ Flores Stopped In 4 By Bryan To Create Another Farcical WBA 'Heavyweight Title'

American BJ Flores who was stopped back in 2016 by Tony Bellew at cruiserweight, somehow found himself fighting for the WBA ‘interim’ heavyweight title last night against Trevor Bryan in Phoenix.

The World Boxing Association continues to come in for heavy criticism from media and fans alike as their dilution of world titles does not seem to have any end in sight.

Despite a plea from the governing body over a year ago that they would look to create one world champion per division again, nothing has been done about it still.

Last night BJ Flores was stopped inside of four rounds by Trevor Bryan who extended his professional record to 20-0-14KO.

Bryan dropped Flores repeatedly on route to an easy victory.

That now means there are three versions of the WBA heavyweight title in the sport at the moment between the ‘Regular’, ‘Interim’ and ‘Super’ belt.

When updating the world boxing champions page on Boxing News and Views it’s the only organisation I have to factor in that does this, everyone else has one world champion per division.

Why do they continue to do this?

Particularly in such a positive time for the sport.

It’s making a mockery out of what a world championship actually is and the incredible struggle and sacrifice it takes for the rare few boxers who ever do become world champions.