Leading Boxing Journalist Slams The World Boxing Association

Leading American boxing journalist Dan Rafael of ESPN has come out on the attack against the world boxing governing body, the WBA.

The World Boxing Association in recent years has lost an awful lot of respect from fans and those within the sport for their constant watering down of their world titles.

It’s hard enough for new fans of boxing to understand the rankings and the four recognized world title belts (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO) as it is, without the WBA making so many different ‘Regular’, ‘Super’ and other versions of their world title.

Boxing is experiencing a tremendous time at the moment but I would argue the momentum has nothing to do with any of the sanctioning bodies or world title belts at all.

Think about it, then look at it for what it is.

Boxing is doing well because promoters are making the fights that fans want to see where the best are fighting the best again.

For the most part.

Obviously there’s some exceptions like Joshua vs Wilder not getting made this year and so on.

World titles will always have a place in boxing of course but not bodies that continue to make a mockery out of them by having so many different versions.

Dan Rafael has blasted the WBA with the following:

Politics in boxing and behind the scenes stuff that goes on will always annoy many fans but when it gets to the point where new fans are being turned off because of too many belts – enough is enough.

WBA, get it sorted, lads.