Terence Crawford Continues Trolling Of Garcia

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Terence Crawford might have come across as quiet and reserved in the media at the start of his pro boxing career but he’s certainly come out of his shell now.

The pound for pound boxing wizard from Omaha, Nebraska is just going along with everyone else in the boxing world trying to get big fights at this stage.

Trash talk and calling out fighters is now a part of the game on social media.

Yesterday Danny Garcia responded to Terence Crawford’s call out on social media, more or less saying that he would love to fight him.

Crawford has kept things going:

It certainly would be an interesting fight but with both boxers fighting on rival networks in the form of Showtime and ESPN, surely there would need to be a compromise made somewhere between Top Rank and Al Haymon.

The parties that represent Crawford and Garcia respectively.

Recently Stephen Espinoza of Showtime mentioned that under the right circumstances Showtime would let their fighters box on another network but only if they were not one of their biggest stars that they’ve invested heavily into.

Garcia has fought quite a bit on Showtime in recent years, so likely it would be up to Top Rank in this situation to let Crawford box on Showtime.

If it were to happen that is.