Former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion of the world David Haye has brought up something that quite a few in boxing circles have done recently. But perhaps on a more high-profile platform given his celebrity in the sport.

The UK and more specifically the capital, London, is experiencing record knife crime rates at the moment with more and more people being injured and killed in violent attacks than ever before.

Tyson Fury last week spoke on the issue as has current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Haye has pointed to no combat sports being in the school physical education curriculum these days and that if they were re-introduced, youngsters would perhaps have more confidence in themselves to defend themselves without the use of a weapon:

Perhaps the biggest question any of us can ask ourselves during our life times, is, what is our purpose?

Young people growing up today seem to have less than ever before and less purpose in their lives, with limited places to go and things to do.

Sports like boxing have time and time again shown to have not only turn around lives but have also created professions and given people a new lease of life.

Haye makes a solid point above in this writer’s humble opinion.