Tyson Fury Reveals How He Knocked His Trainer Out Cold

Tyson Fury Reveals How He Knocked His Trainer Out Cold

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury is in final preparations ahead of his fight in Belfast on August 18th. Ahead of the fight, he’s revealed one of the more bizarre stories you’re likely to hear in professional boxing in some time.

Fury and new trainer Ben Davison have been working together for a while now. Almost a year.

The two have been working well together as Fury initially lost a huge amount of weight before his initial comeback fight against Sefer Seferi earlier this year.

But weight loss wasn’t the only thing on Davison’s mind it turns out in training – his own health was too at one point.

Speaking to a group of journalists in a media scrum this week Fury revealed how in the very beginning of their working relationship, he actually knocked out Davison cold when on the pads:

“He recovered after about five minutes. He was out cold and I thought he was dead for a minute. I think it was the right uppercut. I thought he was going for a right hook but he didn’t. I went for a right uppercut and caught him, bang, caught him on the chin. He was out cold. I had a pair of ten ounce gloves on as well. I thought I’ve killed the trainer on the first day, f****** hell,. I chucked some water on him, got him up. He said, what happened? I said you fell over. I don’t know what happened. Then we watched it back on the camera. There’s the camera there. It was a peach! I’m going to send it to ‘You’ve been framed!’ (laughs) to get that fifty quid.”

Fury takes on Francesco Pianeta on August 18th live on BT Sport.