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Ah, the good old ‘White Rhino’ surprised many within boxing tonight (including this writer) with an emphatic fourth round KO to put his career back on track.

Earlier in the week Allen had commented how he is looking to retire from boxing or at least take a very extended break after tonight.

Somehow, I think that will change after tonight.

Tonight he stopped previously unbeaten Nick Webb inside of the fourth round with a quality finish:

That right hand was like a baseball bat he took out of his pocket, to be fair. What a shot.

Allen had been in awful form coming into the fight over the last year or so and admitted he didn’t have the motivation in his training on many occasions.

Whatever the case might have been, that single, devastating right hand has turned everything around for him tonight.

What a punch. What a win. What a character.

In the grand scheme of things at only the age of 26 Allen has plenty of time on his side too.

In terms of room to develop as a fighter.

On the brink he turned it all around tonight.

Fair play Dave Allen.

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