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Evidence Italy Russia Ties and Cord Cut Properly Now

Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch rumors surfaced again this week following an impressive win from Pacquiao last weekend but it would appear that the winner of their last fight is not happy with the reports.

Mayweather was respectful to Pacquiao following his win last weekend over Matthysse, congratulating him in most of his interviews this week for the most part.

However after being asked questions non stop this week it appears the topic has finally pushed Mayweather over the edge and is fed up with the potential rematch talks at this point.

Here in this interview with All Urban Central YouTube (hat tip) as soon as Mayweather gets asked about Pacquiao he turns around and walks away from the two interviewers:

In some regards you perhaps can’t blame him for the above.

He won conclusively when they fought in 2015 and at this stage in retirement, with Manny now 39 years old, it seems like the sport of boxing has well and truly moved on and left this fight in the past.

That said, it was still the biggest fight of all time in terms of US pay per view sales and even at this advanced stage of proceedings, a rematch would likely sell a couple of million pay per views at least.

If the history of boxing is to go by if a fight still sells oftentimes they get made.

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