Eddie Hearn Reveals Second Joshua and Miller Confrontation In NY

For people wondering whether the Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller confrontation this weekend in New York city was real or not they now have an answer.

Often times in boxing these very public spats or ‘beefs’ as they’re known in the trade these days are in fact staged and very much built to hype a fight.

Boxing is the hype business after all.

But my first instincts were that the Joshua and Miller incident seemed genuine during the week given the level of choice language used by both just off camera.

Indeed, it proved to be the case as promoter of Joshua, Eddie Hearn, confirmed that the pair went at again when there were no cameras watching at all moments later.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Hearn said:

“It all went off back stage and I thought ‘that’s a result.”

He added:

“Then Joshua came out the toilet and Miller’s standing at the end of the corridor mouthing off at him. He’s running and I’m having to hold him. It was interesting.”

Joshua would later reveal to IFL that he decided to go after Miller following remarks the American boxer made on stage when his fight with Alexander Povetkin was announced.

Miller has piped up considerably on social media since the incident and has gone on the offensive against other boxers who supported Joshua on social media regarding the altercation.