Floyd Mayweather Responds To Pacquiao’s Rematch Suggestion

Following Manny Pacquiao’s TKO win over Lucas Matthysse this past weekend ‘Pacman’ said in his post-fight press conference that he would be open to a Floyd Mayweather rematch. Mayweather has now got wind of it and given his reaction to Pacquiao’s latest win.

Mayweather appears to be happily retired from the sport of boxing following his bout with Conor McGregor last year and only in recent days, he topped the Forbes highest paid entertainers list for 2018.

Clearly he has plenty of things going on outside of boxing at the moment. Whether or not a Pacquiao rematch would interest him at this point is unclear.

However, speaking to Barbershop Conversations, it doesn’t appear he’s too keen at the moment:

“I had a chance to see Manny Pacquiao (beat Matthysse). Congrats to Manny Pacquiao, everybody is constantly asking me are you going to come back and fight Manny Pacquiao? Like I said before we did what we had to do. I warned he had excuses but congrats on the victory Mannny Pacquiao, keep up the good work. You gotta realize this. I made smart investments. I speak real things when I post on social media. Like I said, short-term sacrifices, long time rewards.”

Pacquiao has indicated he has another two or three fights in him and although Mayweather is retired, never say never in this crazy old game that we call boxing.