Eddie Hearn Won’t Budge On Joshua vs Wilder Wembley Stadium Offer

The Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder fight if it is to happen next April is not looking too good at the moment with little wiggle room for negotiations on what’s currently on the table.

What’s on the table for Wilder is a $15 million flat fee offer to fight at Wembley stadium on April 13th of next year.

Quite a bit away just yet with things that can stop the fight from happening.

Namely Alexander Povetkin upsetting the odds and beating Joshua on September 22nd.

Wilder could also lose between then and now too.

It is the heavyweight division after all where one single punch can end a contest.

Speaking to members of the media in an open media scrum at the DAZN streaming service launch, Hearn said he still wants the bout:

“The Wilder fight is one we feel must happen and hopefully we get that fight on April 13th.”

On the current offer on the able:

“They’ve got the offer. Wilder either takes it or leaves it. It’s that simple.”

Joshua vs Wilder won’t go away from the fans, though.

If this fight continues to not be made fans will not leave either of the fighters or the teams off the hook with this one.

Not a chance in hell.

Simply put, it’s one of the biggest fights that can be made in the modern boxing era.

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