Pacquiao Reveals He Still Has Some Big Ambitions Left In Boxing

Manny Pacquiao is not done yet in boxing and something he said after his latest victory this past weekend suggests he still has some serious ambitions left in the sport.

Aside from making some big pay days and being involved in big fights, one gets the feeling that Pacquiao is genuinely enjoying his boxing again.

He had clearly trained hard for Lucas Matthysse this past weekend whom he dispatched of within seven rounds in Malaysia.

At 39 years of age and with the success he’s had you don’t still work that hard, in any job, unless you enjoy what you do.

He was bouncing around the ring full of energy and unpredictability.

Unlike his flat performance against Jeff Horn in Australia last year.

He switched up his punch variation nicely and chose he moments beautifully at times, putting his shots together like the experienced veteran he has now become.

That knowledge he’s built up in the ring over the years coupled what he has left physically is still more than enough to beat plenty of welterweights out there.

Speaking after the fight this past weekend, as per ABS-CBN News, Pacquiao said:

“I feel good for now. Boxing is my passion and I would be lonely if I quit boxing.”

He added:

“I believe I still have two or three fights left in me.”

Two or three fights likely takes him up until the end of 2019, quite ambitious to be fair.

An extension from most people’s belief at the beginning of the year that 2018 would be the last time we’d see him in the ring.