Mike Tyson Reacts To Pacquiao TKO of Matthysse

The former heavyweight champion of the world still clearly keeps up with his boxing and is still an avid fight fan who watches the big fights.

Manny Pacquiao once again lit up the boxing world at the weekend when at 39 years old, he turned back the clock and put in one of his better performances in recent years with a seventh round stoppage over big hitting Lucas Matthysse.

One man impressed with him was the youngest heavyweight world champion in history, Mike Tyson, who said on Instagram afterwards:

“I saw the Pacquiao-Matthysse fight. Manny Pacquiao has still got it. He moved really good. Fast jab. Moving fast. Half of Manny Pacquiao is enough to beat most of the good fighters out there now. He looked really good last night.”

Spot on from Mike Tyson as always, when it comes to his boxing analysis. A student of the game at heart.

While Pacquiao certainly has enough left to beat a lot of the top welterweights out there the question is, if his next fight is to be his last will he risk going in one with one of the top fighters in the world like Vasyl Lomacehnko or Terence Crawford?

There’s also the other option of Amir Khan out there too which might be perceived by some as an easier fight than the above two – with a bigger reward too.

Niall Doran is the Founder and Managing Editor of Boxing News and Views. You can follow him on Twitter @NiallerDoran and on Instagram @niallerdoran