Pacquiao Showing Glimpses Of The Pacman Of Old Ahead Of Matthysse Fight

Manny Pacquiao has been looking very, very sharp just days away now from his showdown at the weekend with Argentina’s knockout artist Lucas Matthysse.

Fans of Pacquiao have been keeping a close eye on the Filipino boxing legend in recent months from training footage leaked in the run up to this fight.

The main questions surrounding him has been whether or not he still has the dedication and drive left for his boxing career that he once did, and, how he’ll perform without Freddie Roach in his corner for the first time in a long, long time.

Well, the first part of the equation he appears to have answered with the following video by FightHub TV YouTube showing just how quick he’s looking just days out from the fight:

Very impressive indeed.

He looks well up for this and his sense of timing and distance, at least from observing his training footage these past couple of months, appears to be on point.

He seems like he’s dedicated a lot of his time to his training this time around and has not let his political career distract him from what made him great in the first place and who he is on the inside.

A professional fighter.

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