Josh Taylor Receives Sickening Brain Damage Wish Message For His Next Fight

Standout world boxing prospect Josh Taylor has received perhaps one of the most sickening tweets in recent boxing memory from a clearly disturbed fan.

To send such a message to anyone is clearly twisted and sick enough, but to send one to a guy who could deliver a swift, brutal justice, is down right stupid in the first place.

Of course Taylor would not stoop as low to do such a thing, but he did highlight it for fans last night following England’s exit from the World Cup:

The Twitter user appears to have deleted his account since his hateful thoughts were outed.

It appears that disturbed Twitter user was prompted to send his thoughts following a dispute over the English soccer team exiting the World Cup.

Whatever the case might be, there’s no place for it in sport.

As helpful as social media and the wider internet is these days, unfortunately, this is the downside where anyone can literally have an opinion.

As twisted and hateful as it might be.

Taylor continues to go from strength to strength in his career mind you and won’t be too concerned following a recent win over Victor Postol and should be challenging for a world title sooner rather than later.