Retirement Not In Manny Pacquiao’s Mind Ahead Of Matthysse Fight

Boxing icon Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao returns to action this weekend in Malaysia and is chomping at the bit ahead of his clash with Argentinian knockout artist Lucas Matthysse.

Pacquiao has clearly trained hard for this one with a very slimmed down physique in recent weeks on show, where his hand speed and explosive combinations on the pads and heavy bag have been regularly on display.

Some have suggested that this could be the last year we see the Filipino boxing legend in the ring but the man himself doesn’t have that in his mind coming into this weekend’s bout.

Speaking to members of the television media in The Philipines, Pacquiao said:

“I don’t know yet because I do not want to think negative. I always think positive. My mind is always focused on the fight, to win the fight, to bring home the bacon home for our country.”

On fighting in Malaysia, Pacquiao said:

“Oh I’m so happy, excited because my whole family is here, supporting me. Cheering for me.”

The fight will mark the biggest fight in decades to take place in Malaysia this weekend and will be contested by both fighters for the WBA ‘Regular’ welterweight championship of the world.

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