Joshua’s Drawing Power Beyond Doubt With Next Two Fights Confirmed

A Claim Joshua Made That Begs The Question Is He Overlooking Parker

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua will have his next two bouts at Wembley Stadium in some massive news for the sport of boxing.

While the disappointment among boxing fans over the last couple of weeks surrounding the Joshua vs Wilder talks breaking down can’t be avoided, the fact a boxer will fight twice again in back to back outdoor stadium fights is surely good news for the sweet science overall.

The April 13th date being the latter, being currently left open for Deontay Wilder at the moment if a deal can be reached.

The first being next September 22nd against most likely Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin, although this has still not been confirmed.

Strangely too, mind you.

Considering the Povetkin fight was mandated by the WBA and was supposedly why the big rush was on from Joshua’s team to move on from the Wilder talks in terms of Joshua’s next immediate fight over the past couple of weeks.

When you look at Joshua’s pro career to date and the fact he’s still only had 21 bouts as a professional, the additional fact that he will have fought four times at Wembley Stadium in London by next April, after what will be 23 fights, is pretty incredible by any measuring stick.

Certainly in modern-day boxing times for a fighter to be able to sell out such large crowds gives further balance to the argument he is now the biggest star in world boxing.

A titan of a pay per view attraction in the UK and worldwide now.

Floyd Mayweather as many pay per views as he sold over the years was never able to sell out 90,000 capacity stadiums for his fights and when you consider how much larger the US is compared with the UK and that Joshua is by far being popular than any current American fighter (Canelo aside who’s Mexican but boxes in the US), the numbers the Brit pulls are staggering.

If he continues to pull these numbers it’s hard to see him ever leaving the UK for a fight, why would he?