Hearn Reveals How Much Joshua vs Wilder Would Make In The UK

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is a busy man at the moment between the launch of a new billion dollar streaming deal for boxing and other bits but the potential Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder is still one of the main topics of discussion for him.

Recently the talks broke down between the two for an immediate fight to take place next up.

Instead, Joshua will fight against an opponent to be confirmed for September 22nd in Wembley Stadium.

But Hearn has left the April 13th, 2018 date at the same venue open for Deontay Wilder if he chooses to accept a contract offer.

The contract is thought to be a flat fee of $15 million for Wilder which Hearn claims is six times the amount Wilder has earned for a single fight in the past.

A lot of talk has surrounded how much money the fight would make if it took place in the UK vs the US, well, Hearn has now let slip to one user on Twitter that in the UK it makes the following (in millions):

The above figures of $40-50 million dollars would mean Joshua would stand to make between 25 to 35 million (dollars) factoring in Wilder’s proposed purse.

It would be interesting to see how much more the fight would make in America, and, how the above UK projections were arrived at when you consider 90,000-100,000 tickets potentially sold at Wembley, the massive sponsorship an event like that would generate, pay per view money the fight would generate in the UK and US TV rights.

(Photo source and credit: Sky Sports)

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