Quote Of The Day By Manny Pacquiao

As he gets ready for his showdown with Lucas Matthysse next month Manny Pacquiao may have come up with one of the better quotes you’ll come across this week.

Pacquiao has always been a humble, dedicated, hard-working person.

You only have to look at the results of his boxing career and how he carries himself in interviews to see that.

So much so that he’s seen his personal and professional growth as a person expand year after year, to the point that he now transcends boxing in his home country of the Philippines and is an elected politician.

Speaking on social media, Pacquiao captioned this photo with a quote that will make you think:

“SUCCESS is never owned, IT’S RENTED. And the rent is DUE EVERYDAY!”


True words indeed.

Pacquiao’s next fight takes place on July 15th in Malaysia and after fears it might not be going ahead, Pacquiao clarified during the week that it will and that as far as he is concerned everything is proceeding as per normal.