Ah, that time of year again when another boxing movie is starting to get promoted. Not just any old boxing movie either, the latest installment in the iconic Rocky series no less.

Boxing fans and non boxing fans alike have been gripped by the series ever since the first Rocky film many decades ago at this stage.

Following the success of the first Creed film the makers are bringing out Creed 2 this Thanksgiving holidays and upon viewing the trailer, it looks to be a treat:

Son of famed movie character Apollo Creed, Creed Jr, once again embarks on a boxing adventure against all odds spurred on by his father’s one time rival – turned dear friend Rocky Balboa.

Some say that there will come a point when these films are all played out but I’m not sure I agree with that.

It’s perhaps one of the few movie series’ that people don’t mind seeing re-made or changed up over and over again as the history of film tells us, boxing and film combined together just seem to work.

The sport of boxing’s gripping stories both in reality and on the big screen make for captivating viewing.

I can’t see that ever-changing.

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