Gennady Golovkin made it very clear this week that any friendship or friendly feeling he had towards Canelo was now over after the PED scandal this year. He’s gone a step further now in humorous fashion it must be said.

Gennady Golovkin and his team at GGG Promotions have never been ones for trash talking over the years or for engaging in any of boxing’s controversial press conference antics.

That said, you can really tell that they have a dislike for Canelo Alvarez at this stage and more than anything, want to beat him bad in the rematch.

At the media press conference this week where Golovkin and his team were present (not Canelo though) this picture has been doing the rounds on social media as the menu for the media:

As Canelo cited contaminated meat as the reason for his failed test earlier this year before the previously proposed date for the Golovkin rematch, Golovkin has clearly with the term ‘VADA approved’ on his food menu had a subtle, or not so subtle depending on how you look at it, dig at his rival.

The pair will not meet until the final press conference on fight week ahead of their September 15th showdown.

The bad blood this time around should ensure an even more entertaining war in the ring.

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