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It was widely reported that Dana White made a $500 million offer to secure heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua a number of months back but White has gone on the record now on exactly what happened.

First off, that offer was never made.

But White did actually speak with Joshua one to one he’s revealed, and, he’s also spoken of how his promoter Eddie Hearn was not happy with it.

Speaking on the MMA Roasted podcast, White said:

“He’s under contract with Eddie Hearn. His contract was coming up and I said listen, I’d like to talk to you guys. He made it very clear to me that he wasn’t going to leave Eddie and that he wanted to stay with Eddie. I said I’m not looking for you to leave Eddie. I think we can all work together. I think we can do a lot for you here in the United States so I think we get together and figure out how to work as a team.”

He added:

“Then, you know, I think Eddie Hearn hasn’t been in the business that long. I think Eddie Hearn was very over sensitive about the thought that Anthony Joshua and I would even talk, you know what I mean, and took it very, ah, he was almost insulted by it you know? That wasn’t the conversation or the intent.”

Well, there you have it.

Hearn currently has a new streaming platform in the US with DAZN and with White planning on getting into boxing this year, don’t rule out these two working with one another down the line.

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