Terence Crawford’s Reaction To Errol Spence KO Was Priceless

Terence Crawford was pretty much the first notable name in the boxing world who reacted online to tonight’s devastating Errol Spence knockout victory.

It just so happens he’s now one of Spence’s biggest rivals too. T

hat will tell you how closely he was watching things tonight, judging by the speed of his reaction alone.

Fighting live on Showtime Spence dismantled outmatched foe OCampo in the very first round with a sublime body shot that closed the show very early:

Straight away, all Terence Crawford would do in reaction was simply laugh:

Obviously Spence’s opposition will need to be stepped up in his next bout and the same goes for Crawford.

Everyone will be hoping that they fight one another but with both men boxing on different networks in the form of ESPN and Showtime, it will be interesting to see how that will play out in terms of making the fight.

It would be great to see it on ESPN, the biggest sports platform in the world, as, in my view, a fight of that caliber between arguably two of the best boxers in the world today on such a large stage like ESPN, would really show off this new red-hot boxing era we are now blessed to be living in.

Bring on an Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford unification next up.

If there is a boxing God out there, that is.

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