Boxer Richard Rivera Pulls Unusual Fried Chicken Stunt At Weigh In

Boxer Richard Rivera

A fighter by the name of Richard Rivera did something unexpected for a boxing weigh-in ahead of his fight this weekend – during a time where most fighters are starving themselves and dehydrated.

The topic of weight loss and dehydration is a big thing not just in boxing at the moment, but across all combat sports.

Fighters boiling down and losing extreme amounts of weight to make a certain weight category has been proven in many studies to have detrimental health effects to the athlete.

One boxer who isn’t doing that by any means though is Richard Rivera.

Ahead of his cruiserweight bout this weekend against Jaime Solorio, Rivera came in an astonishing 20lbs under weight for the scheduled cruiserweight fight at 200lbs (he weighed in at 180lbs).

A task done so easily he decided to start munching some friend chicken on the scales to show off how easy he made the weight:

Not something you see everyday in boxing. That’s for sure.

The 27-year-old Connecticut boxer is undefeated in seven professional fights to date.

No doubt he will have cheesed off some of his fellow boxers sweating and starving to make the weight this weekend.