Frank Bruno Had A Classy Reaction To David Haye Retiring

frank bruno whyte parker

Former world heavyweight champion Frank Bruno sent his fellow UK former world heavyweight champion a classy response on social media when he heard the news he was retiring.

Outside of Ricky Hatton there was perhaps not a more loved boxer in the UK during his career than Frank Bruno.

A man who knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges not just in the ring by winning the world title on his fourth attempt, but also outside the ring in overcoming mental health challenges and championing the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues in recent years.

Upon learning of Haye’s retirement Bruno send Haye the following message:

“Massive respect to David Haye he’s provided us with years of entertainment & made us proud. Good luck with any future venture, wishing you all the best boss.”

A typically classy response from Bruno.

As for Haye, he now goes on in his promotional career with his promotion company Ringstar that is also owned and ran by Richard Schaefer.

Haye also does a number of punditry roles around big fights so expect to see plenty more of him in retirement.