The official numbers for the Crawford vs Horn and Santa Cruz vs Mares attendances at the weekend were fairly low considering the quality of talent on show.

Boxing is really coming back to life in the US right now but as good as some of the new talent breaking through is, like Terence Crawford for example, they still need some main stream exposure to get their name out there.

Crawford’s fight was shown on the ESPN+ at the weekend and not on the wider television platforms by the power house sports network.

While the new app seems like a good concept, for people like Crawford who need to get out there to the masses at this stage (age 30) putting him on the app might not be ideal.

As it is not known how many subscribers the app has, opposed to the massive numbers that ESPN still does on television.

The official attendances for both fights at the weekend were:

Attendance for Crawford vs Horn was 8,112 (MGM Grand in Las Vegas – capacity of 16,800).
Attendance for Santa Cruz vs Mares was 12,505 (Staples Center in LA – capacity of 21,000).

Both in and around the half full mark considering the capacities of both respective venues.