Tyson Fury Comes In At Career Heaviest But Don’t Be Deceived

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury weighed in earlier today ahead of his comeback fight tomorrow and some are looking a bit too much into the weight.

Yes, he did come in at a career heaviest and looked fleshy but that’s to be expected.

He’s lost eight stone overall over the last eight months so it will take his body some time to adjust.

He’s been out of the ring close to 1000 days.

Of course his physique was not going to be where it was a few years ago.

Boxing is not body building. Looks don’t win fights – skills do.

And Fury has plenty of those.

He weighed in at 275lbs earlier on. Approximately 30lbs over the weight he fought Wladimir Klitschko at back in 2015.

His previous career highest was 270lbs all the way back for his rematch with John McDermott.

Over the course of this year he’ll have three fights in 2018 and will no doubt look to bring the weight down slowly bit by but with trainer Ben Davison.

As he builds to a fight of note.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in his next fight he gets down to somewhere around 250lbs and improves his strength and conditioning again.

A heavyweight boxing career is a marathon after all.

Not a sprint.

Heavyweights mature later than fighters in lower weights. Boxing history has taught us that when it comes to the (really) big heavyweights like Fury.

Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko both improved as they got older.

Expect Fury to win with ease tomorrow but just remember this is his first time in a boxing ring since November 2015.