Tyson Fury Weighs In Nearly 5 Stone More Than Seferi – Fury Picks Him Up

Tyson Fury Weighs In

Tyson Fury weighs in considerably more than his opponent and in true Fury fashion today’s weigh in had some unusual activity at it.

Fury as he has been most of the time lately, appeared happy and in good form as spectators gathered for the weigh-in today in Manchester.

He tipped the scales at 19 stone 10lbs with Seferi coming in at 15 stone 1lbs, a near 5 stone difference almost.

Fury has lost in the regions of 8 stone over the past six to seven months but still carried some excess weight – which was to be expected really after nearly 1000 days out of a boxing ring.

This is just his first fight back and no doubt as each fight goes by he’ll continue to work towards the condition he was in when he fought the likes of Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

At one point during today’s weigh in Fury actually picked up his former cruiserweight opponent that really showed the difference in the size of the two boxers:

(Hat tip IFL YouTube):

The fight takes place tomorrow night in the UK at the Manchester Arena, Tyson Fury’s hometown.