Eddie Hearn Reacts To De La Hoya PBC Comparison Of His Billion Dollar Deal

Hearn Reacts To De La Hoya

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn reacts to rival promoter Oscar De La Hoya saying his new billion dollar streaming deal with DAZN is simply ‘PBC part two’.

For those not aware, De La Hoya was referring to the Premier Boxing Champions series (founded by US manager Al Haymon) similarly raising large amounts of investment a few years back for their boxing venture.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Hearn gave his reaction to De La Hoya’s PBC comparison:

“Wrong – because PBC never had a platform. They never had the guaranteed dates. They were buying air time. That’s the difference. They had a huge amount of money. I’m not going to go into the funding of PBC and what they’ve done with the money but I do know if I was a PBC shareholder I would be saying where have we got to? So, their plan was to give airtime to all these networks that we are going to grow boxing so big that after a year they’ll buy our product, well, you’re just back on Showtime? Where you’ve always been? What have the PBC achieved? That’s what you have to ask yourself.”

On Oscar De La Hoya’s promotional company, Hearn jabbed

“But Golden Boy (Promotions), I mean, they are on the edge aren’t they (said while smiling)?”

It is understood that Hearn’s first event under the new DAZN deal in the US will take place in September.