Michael Conlan Reflects On Rio Olympics Boxing Robbery

Rio Olympics Boxing Robbery

The 2016 Rio Olympics boxing robbery that saw Irishman Michael Conlan exit the games early is still a top of discussion when it comes to amateur boxing today.

For all the wrong reasons, mind.

That said, Conlan doesn’t view the time in his life with any bitterness at all.

On the contrary, he chuckled on the Bunce Boxing Hour when asked about it and how he views the moment in his boxing career:

“It was probably one of the best days of my whole career because it set me up for such a big kind of story line for professional fights and it’s put my name around the world.Every gym I walk into in America people try to get photos with me pulling the finger out and stuff.”

Conlan went on to sign a significant promotional deal with US boxing promoters Top Rank subsequently, now boxing live on ESPN across large audiences in the United States.

He is still undefeated and is quickly making a name for himself as a standout prospect in world boxing under the guidance of English trainer Adam Booth.