Floyd Mayweather Confirms Career Earnings Have Surpassed $1 Billion

Former pound for pound boxing number one turned promoter Floyd Mayweather has confirmed that his career earnings have now surpassed a staggering $1 billion.

It comes as little surprise that Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has made a lot of cash in his career.

After all, his entire persona and nickname is ‘Money’.

But now, according to the former champion, he has joined a very rare club of athletes who have earned over the billion dollar threshold.

Speaking on social media Mayweather said:

“Floyd Mayweather 50-0! Hate it or love it… He now joins Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan in career earnings over one billion dollars!”

He also added this photo shop image to signify the moment:


Presumably Mayweather is still receiving pay per view checks from his last official fight back in September against Conor McGregor to add to this career tally.

The bout came second in all time pay per view sales in the US but set the overall world record for a combat sports event in terms of pay per views sold.

Likely his latest pay per view check has brought him over the mark in career earnings.

Mayweather also operates a strip club in Las Vegas and has a number of other business interests.

It was confirmed recently one of which recently was a crypto currency company where founders of the Mayweather-backed venture have been charged by the SEC for fraud.

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