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As the week draws to an end in boxing the boxing world is still coming to terms with the passing of one of its greatest ever trainers and all round characters – Brendan Ingle.

Originally from Dublin in Ireland Brendan Ingle ended up with most of his boxing life and all of his training life spent in Sheffield, England where he not only produced World champions, European champions, British and Commonwealth champions, but touched the communities he traveled in through the sport.

An unusual training method that was never replicated since saw fighters box in a switch hitting style and their confidence developed from a young age through dancing and singing.

Ingle often brought boxing to prisons and schools where he showed the good the sport can do for the troubled.

Indeed, many of his fighters had both defensive and offensive prowess in equal measure in a fight style that he taught the same to everyone but once taught – he told them to go away and use it as best as it suits them.

The boxing world has been trying to come to grips with his sad passing this week but out of all the heart felt tributes from former world champions, trainers, managers, journalists, fans, promoters and others, perhaps this short video sums the man up best.

A pioneer and a decent human being. From a boxing perspective, a genius ahead of his time:

Rest in peace Brendan Ingle. Gone but never forgotten.

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