Schaefer Jabs Hearn’s Billion Dollar Boxing Deal In The US

Promoter rivalry in boxing is really heating up at the moment, particularly in the US with everyone vying for eyeballs and the best fighters at the moment.

Boxing is being shown on more platforms and channels than it has been in years.

A great sign for the sport and something where fans can only win.

Can there be too much boxing shown, though?

I don’t think so.

Ask yourself, is there too much soccer in Europe or too much NFL in the US?

No – fans would have it everyday if they could!

Well, Eddie Hearn’s new billion dollar deal for streaming 16 fights in the US and 16 fights in the UK has shaken up the boxing market but one of his promotional rivals Richard Schaefer questions Englishman Hearn’s knowledge of the US market in boxing.

Speaking to Villainfy Media, Schaefer said:

“We’ll see what Eddie Hearn is able to deliver because as I say, he has no fighters. You can’t just sign one guy. Or two guys. You need to sign a bunch of guys and why the fighters would sign with Eddie – a guy who really has with no experience in the US market – a guy who has publicly stated that there is going to be no pay per view – that he doesn’t believe in the pay per view model and the pay per view model in the US is flawed?”

He added:

“Why would a young fighter or in this particular case, fighter names like Deontay Wilder, Mikey Garcia the Charlos (brothers) and others like Errol Spence, why would these fighters who are on the cusp of becoming pay per view starts, why would they sign on to a platform where there is no pay per view – where basically their earnings potential is capped?”

It is thought that Hearn’s new streaming deal will not get started potentially until the end of the summer or after that at the earliest.

Between then and now he will no doubt be busy trying to sign fighters to fill the new platform with boxing content and gain subscribers.

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