Mayweather Reveals List Of Fighters He Rates In Modern Boxing

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Floyd Mayweather now retired from the sport is still keeping a keen on eye on today’s talent as he now finds himself working as a promoter in boxing.

Mayweather has always been a student of the game going back to the early days of his own career and despite what he may have told people during his career about never watching his opponents on tape, you can bet that he was.

As well as knowing everything about them that he possibly could (that he let slip one time).

He’s a boxing fan alright, no doubt about it.

We’re now well in the post-Floyd Mayweather era of boxing where new stars like Anthony Joshua, Gennady Golovkin, Terence Crawford, Canelo Alvarez, Errol Spence and many others around the world are starting to make big names for themselves in the sport.

Speaking to the folks at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) Mayweather spoke for the first time on all the fighters in today’s time that he rates:

Some solid names in that list for sure.

The era we now find ourselves in could be a very different one than Mayweather found himself in mind you.

In terms of the pay per view model in the US slowly shifting to a subscription model it appears at the moment through ESPN + and Eddie Hearn’s billion dollar streaming deal recently announced in the States.