Watch: Perfect Lomachenko Body Shot KO Of Linares

lomachenko body shot

The boxing world woke up this morning knowing that the pound for pound number one is still a top of his thrown – but not after been made to be shown very human this weekend.

Jorge Linares showed that while Vasyl Lomachenko is a technician of the highest caliber, that the right game plan coupled with a reach and weight advantage can cause a lot of problems for him.

As it would for anyone in truth.

There’s a reason Floyd Mayweather never stepped up to middleweight.

As good as he is, he knew that getting into that territory of weight was just too much mass.

Too much risk.

Last night it was reported that Lomachenko weighed as much as fifteen pounds less than Linares when the first bell went for the WBA ‘Super’ lightweight world title.

Don’t expect him to move up too many more weights after this.

Despite that, he produced this in round ten to close the show:

The perfect, sneaky body shot under the bread basket.

Right on the money.

The combination that led up to the shot to disguise it perhaps equally as impressive for the sweet science lovers out there.